Twins with a mission: sustainability

KIOS did an interview with Eric and Scott about their shared interest in sustainability. Here's a link to the audio from the original story.

Eric and Scott (left and right respectively) repairing a filter housing on the BioPro 380 processor.

First Batch of Biodiesel

Through our partnership with Metropolitan Community College, we have expanded capacity for education and local biofuel production in our community. Our first batch of fuel was run through the new BioPro 380 reactor, and finished in the dry wash towers to remove any impurities. This fuel will now be used to replace fossil fuel in our members' cars.

Farnam House Brewing Company

Buycott, Monday April 27, 5:30pm - 7:30pm

More info and photos from the event coming soon...


Alternative Fuels Education: Biodiesel Workshop

Join us for a Workshop all about biodiesel!

Saturday, March 14th
10:00am - 2:00pm

Swanson Conference Center 201 E
Institute for the Culinary Arts, Metropolitan Community College, Fort Omaha Campus
5300 North 30th Street

Map to Location


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