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Happy Earth Day week!

Earth Day Omaha
OBC will be attending again this year, we'll have a 2003 VW Golf on display, as well as WVO collection equipment and our newly developed BioFire starter logs. Come join in the fun, and talk with environmentally focused community organizations, details are on

Saturday April 21st, 11:00am - 6:00pm
Elmwood Park

Earth Day Omaha is asking for nominations for the Friend of the Environment Award, you can submit a nomination online for community environmental leaders.

Heyday on May Day
The City of Omaha will be having a public presentation about the Transportation Master Plan, which will help guide decisions about transportation planning in the future. The Coop will have a table at the event, which is being organized by Mode Shift Omaha,

Tuesday May 1st, 5:00pm - dark
25th & Harney

Nothing Grows Forever
This is a great article (PDF in the OBC archives) about our economy built on continual growth, on a planet with limited resources. Thanks to UTNE for posting, the original is from Mother Jones.


Earth Day is one day of the year when we remember how much our natural environment contributes to, and is the foundation of, our modern lives. Throughout the year we continually race to earn more, have more, and what is usually referred to as "improve our lives." However, our usual measurements for standard of living are based on limited resources that we all share, and "having more" is almost always a direct outcome from consuming more. It is possible to improve the quality of our lives without always seeking "more", but that is the road not taken.

Although the celebration is just once a year, remember that Every Day is Earth Day.

Eric Williams
President, Omaha Biofuels Coop