Scoop 20120810 - Happy Biofuels Day

Today is an exciting anniversary day, 119 years ago today Rudolf Diesel first ran his new engine on nothing but peanut oil. To celebrate, we'll be working with vegetable oil this evening.

Work Day 20120810
Recently, we have improved vegetable oil filtration, settling, and transfer very significantly, to the point where our equipment is now the limiting factor in speed of our operation. We have around 275 gallons of de-watered, filtered vegetable oil ready to go. Unfortunately, we are running out of storage space and the mechanical pump at only ~5 gpm is starting to become an issue. Tonight we'll be working with our existing equipment, but in the near future we plan to upgrade our process. Stay tuned for more details...

Production Location Search
After many meetings with the Planning Department, we are now looking for either a location which is zoned Industrial, or a location zoned "Downtown Service" for which we would seek a "Special Use Permit." Letters have been sent to the owners of several buildings expressing interest, if you know of any buildings which might be a good fit please respond to this email. You can check the zoning for buildings on the DCGIS page, on Layer List you'll need to turn on [check the box] "Zoning."

Algae Oil Extraction
Congratulations to OBC Board Member Dr. Scott Williams, who is pioneering new methods for algae oil extraction and has had significant success recently. New feedstocks for biofuels are some of the most exciting developments to date.

Although this summer has been challenging, as we narrow in on a new production location we are ready to step up our ability to improve the quality of life in our community by replacing fossil fuels with biofuels. We have been receiving increasing interest through our website, the community is clearly ready and willing to be involved in our shared efforts and benefits.

Eric Williams
President, Omaha Biofuels Coop