Scoop 20120911 - Grant Funding

Big news in this Scoop, and we've got lots of supporting visuals to go along with it.

Grant Funding
Huge congratulations to us all... the Green Neighborhood Council has supported the Omaha Biofuels Coop with a $1,000 grant for equipment to expand our production capacity!!!

We have purchased a Raw Power pump from WVO Designs which triples our vegetable oil processing speed. The funding will also allow us to triple our vegetable oil storage capacity. Check out the video,

Creighton University Collaboration
This spring, OBC was listed as a community partner on a grant application from several departments at Creighton University. They expect to hear back before November regarding the grant which would fund analytical chemistry equipment to be used on vegetable oil and finished biofuels samples.

I have recently be discussing with a few different Creighton professors the possibility of a biofuels research and production location partnership. Many of the buildings along Cuming Street are zoned "Downtown Service" and owned by Creighton, so any of these would be good candidates for biofuels production. This would be an excellent education and outreach opportunity for both organizations.

Collective Biofuels Conference
I recently attended this fabulous conference for the second time. This year it was hosted by Promethean Biofuels. Clink on any photo to view the entire gallery with comments,

Algae Biomass Summit
Dr. Scott Williams will be presenting CO2-Assisted Separation of Oil from Wet Microalgal Biomass.

Mountain Harvest Festival
Board members Eric and Scott Williams will be joining Inglish & Louise for their performance, and lengthy discussion about biofuels all weekend.

While the end of summer reminds us of colder, biofuels-deprived weather, this fall carries a promise of new invigoration for the Omaha Biofuels Coop. I am very excited for what we will all achieve together in the future. E pluribus biofuels.

Eric Williams
President, Omaha Biofuels Coop