Scoop 20121012 - Presentations, Outreach

Happy 100th Anniversary to Rice University!! Rice helped me learn how to understand and solve challenging problems, and how to work together to improve the quality of life for everyone.

OBC members have been presenting in a variety of places recently, and we're continuing to expand our partnerships with the community.

Algae Biomass Summit
Dr. Scott Williams presented at this conference on Thursday September 27th, with the topic CO2-Assisted Separation of Oil from Wet Microalgal Biomass. Here are some photos from the presentation, and the rest of our trip.

Our friend Gabrielle reminded me, "If you’re working on something you can complete in your lifetime, you’re not thinking big enough."

'Switch' Film Panel Discussion
I was a panel speaker last evening at the Green Omaha Coalition Reel to Real event. The panel spoke before a screening of the film Switch:To a smarter energy future. You can hear an edited version of the panel discussion with my comments about OBC (7 mins 19 secs), or the entire panel discussion (27 mins 19 secs).

Waste Veggie Oil
We have partnered with another local restaurant to collect their waste vegetable oil, and are always interested in working with additional restaurants. We also received an email about a potential large customer for cleaned waste vegetable oil, more details to come in the future.


On Monday, I filled my tank with B99 for the last time this season, and this evening I will be blending in petroleum fuel for the first time in many months. Spring represents new life for nature, and with continually expanding partnerships over the winter, spring 2013 will bring newly invigorated life for OBC as well.

Eric Williams
President, Omaha Biofuels Coop
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