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Scoop 20121105 - VOTE, and Remember Energy Policy

This week will feature multiple updates, due to a significant amount of activity in all areas.

VOTE! Do it, for serious!!!
Tomorrow is election day, when everyone has the right and responsibility to exercise our voices in helping shape our country. If you have questions about the energy policy from any of the candidates, you can visit this online guide for more information:


Scoop 20121012 - Presentations, Outreach

Happy 100th Anniversary to Rice University!! Rice helped me learn how to understand and solve challenging problems, and how to work together to improve the quality of life for everyone.

OBC members have been presenting in a variety of places recently, and we're continuing to expand our partnerships with the community.


Scoop 20120911 - Grant Funding

Big news in this Scoop, and we've got lots of supporting visuals to go along with it.

Grant Funding
Huge congratulations to us all... the Green Neighborhood Council has supported the Omaha Biofuels Coop with a $1,000 grant for equipment to expand our production capacity!!!


Scoop 20120810 - Happy Biofuels Day

Today is an exciting anniversary day, 119 years ago today Rudolf Diesel first ran his new engine on nothing but peanut oil. To celebrate, we'll be working with vegetable oil this evening.



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