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NABCE13 Presentation

Slides and a video of my presentation will be posted here shortly after the conference.

Wet Algae Biomass Separation for Biofuel Production
Scott H. Williams PhD

National Advanced Biofuels Conference and Expo 2013
Thursday, Sept 12, 2013
CenturyLink Center
Omaha, NE

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Speaking at the National Advanced Biofuels Conference, in Omaha, NE

I will be speaking at a biofuels conference next week, conveniently hosted in my hometown of Omaha, NE

National Advanced Biofuels Conference & Expo
CenturyLink Center Omaha

Scroll down the page a bit on the above linked page and find my talk listed during the panel discussion about algae.

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Algae clean pollution, creating clean energy and fish food

ScienceDaily is ran a story featuring Johns Hopkins University (JHU) graduate students studying integrated systems to mitigate agricultural waste and produce algae biofuels.

Algae: The Next Green Biofuel - Scott Williams, PhD #IB12

I was recently invited to talk about my research, and algae biofuels in general, at Ignite Baltimore 12.
The condensed Ignite format (5 minutes total; 20 slides x 15 sec each, auto-advance) led to a talk tailored for a general audience.
A recording of the talk is available for anyone interested to learn about algae biofuels.

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