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Algae-to-Fuel, U.S. DOE

The United States Department of Energy (DOE) recently featured algae as a fuel source in their video series Energy 101. The video is a good general overview of the most basic fundamental ideas of algae biofuels, a great place to start for anyone who is just beginning to learn about this topic, or for classrooms discussion energy.


Algae fuel in Nebraska on NET

I recently found a nice piece put together by NET about algae as a fuel source, featuring local research and commercial efforts right in Nebraska.


Algae biofuels on Ars Technica

One of the websites that I frequently read is Ars Technica, so I thought I'd search back and see what they have written/posted about algae biofuels. Not a ton of results, and nothing too current. I guess that just means there is plenty of room for their writers to cover this field.


Algae As Car Fuel, from NPR's Morning Edition

Algae biofuels are were covered in a piece on NPR's Morning Edition last week. Richard Harris highlighted the potential, such as fueling 10 cars per acre of algae, as well as the challenges in finding the necessary water, nutrients (N/P/K, CO2), and energy required for algae biofuels to move towards "its promise of making the world a better place as it displaces fossil fuels".



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