Alternative Fuels Education: Biodiesel Workshop

Join us for a Workshop all about biodiesel!

Saturday, March 14th
10:00am - 2:00pm

Swanson Conference Center 201 E
Institute for the Culinary Arts, Metropolitan Community College, Fort Omaha Campus
5300 North 30th Street

Map to Location

Lunch and Refreshments will all be provided
Catering by the MCC Institute for the Culinary Arts

This course (and lunch) is FREE, and open to the public.
All we ask is that you register in advance

*** For Registration ***
Call -- (402) 457-5231
Course Number: BSAD-842N-70
Term: Spring (15/AP)

You will learn from Omaha Biofuels Coop's Managing Director Dr. Scott Williams about the chemistry of biofuels, as well as the benefits of clean, renewable, locally produced and carbon neutral fuels on our community and the environment.

Course will cover biodiesel and vegetable oil as an alternative fuels in diesel engine and heating applications. Topics will include: overview of energy and fuel, fossil fuels, overview of engines, biodiesel as a fuel, sustainability and climate impacts, community scale fuel cooperatives, biodiesel chemistry, production of biodiesel (with hands-on demonstration), used cooking oil as a feedstock, fuel crops, advanced algae biofuels.